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Hunting in the Snow

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It’s common for hunters in the northern states to hunt while the ground is covered with snow.  However, most hunters rarely have the privilege of hunting in the snow. Privilege?? Yes…a privilege!

Snow not only covers the ground, but also covers most food sources during the late season. Most native forage plants have lost their leaves and the nuts and fruits that have fallen are now on the ground.  Simply put, food sources are scarce and the preferred food sources are readily found as critters are leaving sign in the snow!

Some time-tested favorite foods for deer and turkey when the ground is covered by snow are standing soybeans and corn. Some soybean varieties will hold their pods well into the late winter if left standing.  Soybeans are high in oil which is a great source of energy for deer.

This is another reason why soybeans make such a great food plot crop. Deer consume the forage during the summer and relish the pods during the winter!

Scouting is easy when the ground is covered with snow. Every track and trail shows and hunters know to begin scouting at sources of food that are high in energy like grain crops. Hunters that planted food plots with soybeans or corn will be rewarded with great late season opportunities to easily pattern deer.

If you still have a buck tag to fill or wish to put some more venison in the freezer you should be hoping for snow! A late-season snow could help you fill some tags. If you’ve already filled your tags or the season is over, scouting when the ground is covered by snow is a great way to prepare for next season.  I’ll share some tips about scouting in the snow next week.

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