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As this is posted, Winchester Ammunition’s sales force is gathering in East Alton, Ill., to meet with product managers and other staff to learn what exciting new products will be unveiled in 2014 that will change the way many of us shoot and hunt.

If the coming year is anything like 2013, there will be plenty to be excited about. After all, Winchester delivered some of the most innovative products of any ammunition company ever this year with expansions to the Blind SidePDX1 Defender and Razor Boar XT lines as well as completely new additions with Varmint X dedicated predator loads, ground-breaking AA TrAAcker shotgun loads designed to help shooters determine exactly where they are shooting at flying targets and, of course, the unveiling of the fastest rimfire round ever developed, the 3,000-fps 17 Winchester Super Magnum.

Want the first taste of what Winchester has to offer in 2014? Check this Thursday for a groundbreaking announcement that will get hunters pumped for the coming year.

2014 promises to be an exciting year!

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