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From online and in-store resources to easy-to-understand graphics on the actual packaging that indicate what type of game the ammo is designed for, Winchester is helping hunters become more educated shooters. Let’s take a look at the key factors involved in choosing the right ammo for some of America’s most popular game:


When it comes to whitetail deer, the continent’s most popular game, Winchester makes a round for just about every deer hunting environment.

Close Range – For hunting thick timber or brush choked river basins where setups and shots are close, Winchester’s Power Max Bonded features a copper/zinc alloy jacket bonded to its soft lead alloy core, which allows for rapid expansion and deep penetration even at maximum velocities common to close range shots.

Heavy Timber – For hunting where shots are necessary through thick brush, try Power Core 95/5, made from 95 percent copper and five percent zinc. The bullet boasts a protected hollow-point and one-piece design that allows it to shrug off small obstacles such as thin twigs, and still stay on point and penetrate adequately.

Long Range — For long-range shots in wide open country, Winchester’s Ballistic Silvertip features a polymer tip and contoured bullet jacket design, which enhances bullet flight and aids in down-range accuracy.

Elk, Moose or Bear

For other big game, hunters need bullets that will hold up, hit hard and drive deep.

Close Range – For moose in weed-choked bogs or elk in heavy stands of timber, hunters need a bullet that will hold up upon close range impact. The XP3 bullet can transfer massive impact to even the dense shoulder bones of elk or moose, while retaining the integrity to drive deep.

Long Range – For long-range shots on America’s largest game, the Accubond CT offers a bonded alloy lead core and polymer tip that combines for controlled expansion, high weight retention and deep penetration.

Check out the game selection drop down on for more suggestions on choosing the best bullet for the game you will be hunting this season.

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