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The shot isn’t dumped into the shot cup like most shotshells, but literally stacked to maximize the amount of shot per shell. This provides an expanded kill-zone, delivers more trauma-inducing pellets than ever before, meaning quick kill shots…at the target. Matter of fact, Blind Side gives 250 percent more trauma than most competitive waterfowling loads.

It is debated that the .410 is not necessarily the best gun to start a youth hunter on. Rather, many parents and hunter-mentors prefer to grab a 20 gauge to launch a youth hunter’s career. A 20 certainly does not pack as much kick as a 12 gauge, and provides a great deal more shot than a .410. It can be argued that the 20 is a perfect starter gun for youth as well as a good waterfowl gun in the field for women. A semi-auto or pump loaded with Blind Side over a brace of decoys is certain to deliver a consistent pattern, and a load that waterfowl hunters can shoot with confidence. Even men are dusting off the old ‘Hump Back’ 20 and 101 over-and-under and taking them to the fields and marshes carrying a box of Blind Side in 20 gauge.

Of additional importance to waterfowlers is Blind Side’s Drylock Super Steel System that keeps powder dry in the wettest of conditions. This system seals out water and moisture, and is corrosion resistant for improved patterning and consistent velocities.

The migration is on. Grab the decoys, lab and your favorite hunting partner, and box of Blind Side in 20 gauge for some great late-season waterfowling. Meantime…check out for more information on our legendary loads.

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