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Blind Side Dream Hunt North Platte Outpost Day 2

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Winchestger-Blind-Side-Upland737612-12-13A group of five Canada geese is spotted above a line of cottonwood trees to the north – it appears to be headed towards the blind. Head Guide Ross Juelfs tunes up the call. Six dark geese turn into the wind and head straight towards the spread of full body, shell and floater decoys. Day 2 of the 2013 Winchester Blind Side Dream hunt puts winner Kaitlan Kalwei and her brother Brandon in a pit blind on the south side of the historic North Platte River in the famed “East Blind.” Clouds moved in overnight, but winds are strong and out of the west. Shooting Canadas and mallards in the wind and sun are preferred on the North Platte to shooting them in wind and clouds…but the hunters play the hand that is dealt. “Watch this group – watch ‘em.” Ross points to the birds as they’re now cupped-up and dropping in. “Give them another minute – I’ll call the shot.” After the powder clears, Kaitlan and Brandon have dropped three large geese from the group. The day is off to a fast start on the river – time to reload.

Winchester-Blind-Side-waterfowl-stills-12-12-137960Winchester could not have picked a finer place to hold it’s third annual Blind Side Dream hunt than at North Platte Outpost outside of Minatare, NE. NPO is part of the Cheyenne Ridge family of lodges. All can be seen at Winchester likes to choose locations that are not only cool places hunt, but those that speak to both history and the future of waterfowling. “I was totally amazed with hunting the North Platte. It’s such a fascinating river and such an incredible place to hunt ducks and geese. It’s a shallow prairie river so it meanders all over the place. We hunted near curves in the river that trapped slower moving water.” Blind Side 2013 Dream Hunt winner Kaitlan Kalwei left Nebraska with the biggest of smiles on her face, and memories she will always treasure.

Winchester-Blind-Side-waterfowl-stills-12-12-138031The second day of the hunt had Kaitlan and Brandon one bird shy of their limit of mallards (all drakes), along with some hefty Canada geese. Not done for the day, they hit some upland cover in the afternoon for a brace of high-flying rooster pheasants and chukar. All told, pictures and stories will paint wonderful memories for years to come. Kaitlan wanted to share her most sincere gratitude with the good people at Winchester and a heartfelt “wow” on the entire trip. “This was definitely the trip of a lifetime and one I will always cherish. I am so glad I was able to experience it with my brother. We’re both avid hunters and have shot Winchester ammunition for years. I can’t wait for our next hunt back home in Missouri.”

Winchestger-Blind-Side-Upland740612-12-13Stay tuned for future Dream Hunts on Like Kaitlan, you may be the next lucky winner who experiences a dream hunt of a lifetime.

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