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Blind Side Dream Hunt North Platte Outpost #1

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How better to put Blind Side to the test than to take it to one of the more storied waterfowling locales in North America, and put it through the paces on ducks and geese. Winchester Blind Side Dream Hunt 2013 winner Kaitlin Kalwei and her brother Brandon came in from Greenwood, MO to join the crew at Cheyenne Ridge’s North Platte Outpost near Minatare, NE this week to hunt ducks and geese on the Platte River – one of the finest waterfowling locations our great nation has to offer, and one of the finest places to chase fowl…period.

Interior-1“Wow…I couldn’t believe it when Winchester called me during Thanksgiving break and told me that I had won the 2013 online contest. I’ve really never won anything in my life and to win something like this is truly a dream come true. I follow Winchester on Facebook, and that’s where I found out about the sweepstakes. To to top it off, Winchester told me I could bring a guest. When I asked Brother Brandon if he was in – it took him about two breaths to say ‘yes,’ and here we are.” Katelyn couldn’t be happier. A senior at Missouri this year majoring in environmental science, she hopes to find a job in water quality after graduating.


The afternoon of the first full day put Kaitlin and Brandon in the fields chasing ring-necked pheasant and chukar. She took her very first rooster ever that day, and she and Brandon teamed up on a few fast-flying chukar that were flushed by North Platte’s springer, Beauford. He worked wonderfully on the spirited game birds.Katelyn and brother Brandon took a few Canada geese the first afternoon and limits of mallards the following morning.


Ironically, Katelyn took a hybrid pintail-mallard that will be mounted. According to North Platte’s Head Guide Ross Juelfs (where they typically shoot 1700 or so ducks and geese every year), ”It’s pretty rare for us to see a hybrid like this. In the eight years I have been here, we’ve taken only two of them. To say it’s a trophy for Kaitlin is a bit of an understatement, and I am so happy for her.” You can see more of North Platte Outpost at cheyenneridge.com.

Tune-in Friday for the conclusion of the 2013 Blind Side Dream Hunt at North Platte Outpost.

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