Ballistic Silvertip for Whitetail

Ballistic Silver Tip Is Perfect For Whitetails

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The bullet you fire is, after all, the one thing—the only thing—that actually comes in contact with the deer. The bullet is to the hunter, what the line is to the angler. Of everything you carry into the field with you, it is undoubtedly one of the most important.

So when it comes time to decide what round you plan to fire through your rifle this deer season, hunters owe it to themselves to check out Winchester’s line of Ballistic Silvertip (BST) bullets. The BST come loaded in virtually every popular deer-stopping caliber available—from the nimble .243 to the heavy-thumping .338 Win. Mag.—and many calibers outside that range as well. For deer-sized game, the bullet is built to expand rapidly for a massive deposit of nervous-system shocking energy, while allowing deep penetration through hide, tissue and even bone.

The BST is a thing of engineering wonder beginning at the polymer tip, which resists deformation, while promoting long-range flight and accuracy. Upon impact, it is the polymer tip that also initiates the rapid and radical expansion of the bullet as it penetrates into the target. So how does a bullet achieve both optimum expansion and still deliver ample penetration? It begins with the BST’s contoured jacket, which mushrooms in a controlled, even manner, and is enhanced by the alloyed lead core, which helps retain weight as the bullet expands, keeping it from coming apart. Aiding the aerodynamics of this round is the proven boat tail shape at the rear. BSTs are also lightly covered with a Lubalox (black oxide) coating to help the bullet resist the engraving forces and fouling in the barrel for smoother transit and improved velocity through the muzzle.

Indeed, there is a lot of technology that goes into this one bullet, as well as the entire line of Winchester Ballistic Silvertip ammo, so when it’s time for a hunter to take that one shot at the trophy of a lifetime, he or she can squeeze the trigger with total confidence.

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