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Fortunately for shooters, Winchester is making it easier to select the right ammunition. One of the biggest things Winchester is doing to make it easier for hunters to choose the right load/bullet combination is so simple it’s genius. This past year, they began putting icons of various animals—deer, elk, bear, moose, etc.—on the end flaps of packaging to make it simple to know what the load is ideal for. The company also continues to develop new lines of ammunition with highly engineered components designed for specific game or purposes. Many of the lines are then named in a way that suggests their express purpose, making ammo selection easier.
Product lines such as the Razor Boar XT, Varmint X, Safari, PDX1 Defender and the newly announced Long Beard XR (as well as others) are easily named so a consumer can draw a pretty quick conclusion as to what the load is intended for.

Winchester also believes in helping educate consumers and help them better research products before they ever enter the store or click on the “Add to Cart” button on a website.

A visit to Winchester.com and the second thing a visitor will see on the main menu bar is a “Choose Your Ammo” link. Click on that and you can then get information on ammo choices based on whether you intend to hunt, target shoot, or need it for self-defense. Hunters can then select the type of game they’ll be hunting, target shooters the type of targets or competition in which they’re engaged, and self-defense gun owners the type of firearm they keep on hand. And of course, don’t forget Winchester’s online Ballistics Calculator – a free service that allows you to enter a number of variables and compare multiple Winchester loads to see which one might provide you with the best results. There’s even an online Learning Center where visitors can review Hunt Guides, Material Safety Data Sheets, hunting regulations and much more.

Choosing the right ammo has never been easier thanks to Winchester, so now you can spend less time in the store and more time on the range or in the field.

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